Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Storm Lose and lose ugly !!

It was to be The Storms' year to win it all, but it sure didn't work out that way. The less said about these playoff's the better. As a team they hit .472 and only scored 29 runs, while giving up 45. It was three srtaight losses and they were done. At the end of the day it was a great season but a forgetable playoff's.

Game 1: Storm 13 vs Coulas Bone Crushers 20
Game 2: Storm 5 vs CN Express 11
Game 3: Storm 11 vs Hanet Plastics 14

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Storm Win !!! Storm Win !!! 22 - 17

Storm Win !!! Storm Win !!! It was a great back and forth game last night with both teams belting three home runs each, However in the end the Storm had two bigger innings than the Devils. You can write the check as the Storm had a great night at the plate and hit the ball hard and kept finding green. Make the final 22 - 17 and with that victory the Storm claim 1st overall in the league standings. The high-lite of the night was when Brad showed up in his very special extra extra tight baseball/ballet leotards, Thanks for the show Brad.

Monday, September 14, 2009

POS come up a bit short at Provincals

POS went into the Provincal Championships with high hopes, however it was not meant to be this year, with a record of 1 win and two loses, they were eliminated from the tournament Saturday afternoon. The only highlights of the weekend were a shutout win in game two and a good time at the hotel with the guy's and there families Friday and Saturday night. Next year will be a different story, as they will be more experienced and ready to tackle the much younger teams that play in this tournament.

Storm power past the Attractions

With the help of 5 doubles, 4 triples (three by Bob) and a Home Run that Al almost put in the tennis court. The Storm used two big innings to power past the Attractions 20 to 5. The Storm managed to keep the Attractions off the scorecard for six of the seven innings with steller defense. Well not really stellar as all four Storm awards where handed out, however enough plays were made to keep the Attractions to only five runs. Next up is an important game against the Devils whoever wins will take the Presidents Division title and 1st overall in the league standings.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Storm win big over the Rebels

It was another must win game for the Storm last night and that's exactly what they did, with a solid 34 hit display. All but one player had a hit, and if the 7th inning would have counted every player on the Storm would have had at least one hit and one RBI. The game started off close but a 10 run 3rd inning by the Storm changed the tide of this game and they never looked back after that. Make the final Storm 27 and the Rebels 9.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Storm edge out Hanet 9 - 6

It was another close game last night as the Storm used a big 4th inning, thanks to Matt's 3 run home run to power itself to it's 25th victory of the season. This game was close all along, but the Storm's defense which was very good all night held Hanet scoreless in the 7th, and allowed only six runs overall.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sixth inning heroics help Storm down The Falcons

The game started like most games between the Falcons and the Storm, a couple of runs for the Storm then the Falcons come back with a few of there own. In the Bottom of the 3rd with the Storm leading 6 - 5 The Falcons hit a grand slam Home Run to take a 9 - 6 lead, they held that lead until the 6th. Cue the come back, with a few hits including an infield hit by Fred the table was set for Bob. Bob delivered a screaming shot to centre field and scored 3 with a stand up triple. In the end The Storm scored 5 runs in the sixth. In the 7th Brad hit a solo HR, the Falcons had no answer for these runs so you can make the Final 12 - 9 for the Storm.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Direct Elevator couldn't handle The Storm

This was a very well played ball game, the score was one, one after four innings of play. In the fifth the Storm bats came to life with 3 runs all with 2 outs. In the 6th inning the Storm added 4 more and in the 7th added another 4 runs. In a game that took only an hour and five minutes to play the Storm defeated Direct Elevator 12 to 4.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Storm slows down the CN Express

CN Express just couldn't catch up to the Storm last night. With some timely hits and a few defensive plays the Storm managed to beat CN Express 14 to 10.

Bad luck beats the Storm

This is one of those games where one missed call leads to all sorts of trouble. It all happened in the 5th inning, With the Storm leading a very close game 6 to 3 Greenthumb hit into 2 quick outs, the next batter hits a shot up the first base line which is field by Dave then thrown to first for the out, but no the batter is called safe. As it all ways happens the flood gates open, 5 runs later Greenthumb now have an 8 to 6 lead which the Storm could not come back from. Make the final Greenthumb 8 and the Storm 5.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome Back Bob !!

In a balanced 33 hit attack, this game was never in doubt. In the second inning Bob sent a screaming shot over the right field fence for a Grand Slam HR and the Storm never looked back after that. There were three awards given out last night which played right into Brad's master plan, which we believe is to miss enough games so someone else catches you in each of the Storm awards categories. Make the final Storm 21, Bradley Motors 1.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Storm over Coulas 12 to 5

It was a hot a sticky night but that was not a problem for the Storm, neither was Coulas as the Storm scored 5 in the first thanks to a 3 run HR by Joey. Coulas had some hits but most were hit at Storm players, mostly Lance. Most plays were made but there were a few awards were given out.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

All Star Voting - Now Online for the Storm

Voting for this year is now closed !!!

81% of the players in the league voted

I have now posted a link so you can vote online for the 30th Anniversary All-Star team of the Whitby Men's Slo-Pitch League. Please Remember that you can not vote for anyone on your team.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Storm tie Direct Elevator 12 - 12

It was a great night for ball last night, and that's exactly what happened. Direct Elevator kept clawing back inning after inning and pushing ahead of the Storm in the top of the seventh with a 3 run inning. Cue the dramatics, with the Storm down one run they needed some hits. First batter popped up to third, next 3 batters got on base, so with the bases loaded and one out Matt hit a hard shot down third which was picked up and fired home in time to record the second out. Now two out, bases still loaded Lance hits a shot to left field in front of the fielder scoring one run to tie, Brad who was coaching third waved Ron home. It was close at the plate but when the catcher is 7 feet tall it makes a difference. Ron was thrown out at home by the narrowest of margins. End result is 12 - 12 tie, in what turned out to be a game that had one of the best atmospheres of the year. One footnote to this game is that it was the first game all year that all four team awards were given out, thanks, Fred, Brad, Ron, and Mike T. for supplying the extra entertainment.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The battle for first will have to wait !!

It was going to be another battle for first place in the division and for the overall lead in the league standings between The Storm and the St Louis Devils. The weather was just not going to co-operate as the years worst electrical storm moved through just prior to game time. This battle will have to wait for another day.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Storm overpower Mayhem 15 to 6

It was a close battle between the Mayhem and the Storm and with the strong wind blowing in from left it would be tough for the Storm to use the long ball. Or so you would think. The Storm pounded out 5 home runs including three from Lance on route to a 9 run victory. It was Brad's first game back after a two week vacation and you would never know it, he picked right up where he left off. St Louis Mayhem brought the difference down to 4 runs going into the 7th inning but the Storm bats came alive and scored 6 more runs which Mayhem just couldn't match. Make the final Storm 15, St Louis Mayhem 6.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rebels couldn't match Storms' Fury

It was a high scoring game last night with the Storm coming out on top 24 to 17 over the Rebels and two well picked CN Express players. The Storm built up an impressive 20 to 7 lead over the Rebels but they did not give up and with the power of 3 home runs, which includes one by each of the CN Express players managed to get themselves right back in the game. Goes to show you that no lead is safe in this league especially against a good hitting team like the Rebels.

Monday, July 27, 2009

No Joey, No Poblem ! Storm win 13 - 6

Even without the leagues MVP in the lineup, the Storm beat CN Express 13 to 6 in the Storms best defensive game of the year. It was the first game all year that no Awards were given out for any excellent or outstanding plays on the field. The storm came out of the blocks fast in this one, scoring 7 runs in the first. Al had 2 K's on his way to earn the 17th victory of the year for the Storm.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Devils double up Storm 10 to 5

It wasn't a pretty display of hitting by the Storm last night as they managed only a few hits here and there. Al's 3 run home run in the sixth was the only hit that made this game respectable. It was the first game in over seven years that the Storm played with less than nine Storm players in a game. The Storm called up Junior from the Falcons and Wayne from Greenthumb to help out, as we had 8 signouts for this game. Both played well and the Storm team thanks them for coming out. Payback against the Devils will take place on August 9th.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Storm edges out Falcons 16 - 12

A nine run 3rd for the Storm was the difference in this game. It was a well played game on both sides with very few errors. Matt had a three run home run to cap a very good third inning. The Falcons had 4 three run innings but just couldn't get enough runs back in the end, and came up short. Make the final Storm 16 and Falcons 12. The season series is now in the Storms favor with a 2 to 1 advantage. Circle Aug 30th. on your calendar as it is the next time these two teams play, should be a good one.

POS makes it to the Semi's

POS had a good tournament until they meet a very good hitting team in the Semi finals. In the round robin games POS destroyed their opponents 21 to 7 in the first game, 30 to 2 in the second game, and 15 to 2 in the third game. On Sunday morning in the quarter finals the played "Team Chris" and won 17 to 4. However in the Semi's they fell to the Red Hawks 21 to 9. All in all it was a good weekend and another good result.

POS Roster for the Tournament:
Wayne Cosby (Greenthumb/Woodland) - Coach
Todd Boisvert (Greenthumb/Woodland)
Jeremy Gardiner (Greenthumb/Woodland)
David Hatt (Greenthumb/Woodland)
Scott Chislett (Greenthumb/Woodland)
Bob Barron (Greenthumb/Woodland)
George Douma (Attractions)
Joey Pilkey (Storm)
Bob Peppler (Storm)
Scott Burggraf (Coulas)
Chris Christie (Direct Elevator)
Kevin Zarosky (not in WMSPL)
Reg Eldridge (Attractions – last year)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Storm doubles up Attractions 18 - 9

The Storm with the help of 10 doubles beat the Attractions in a time shortened game. The Attractions starting pitcher George stymied the Storm batters for the first 3 innings, then the bats came alive with 3 runs in the fourth, 6 in the fifth, and then 9 in the sixth which turned out to be the difference.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Article about Joey in the Toronto Star

This article courtesy of Mike Murphy of the Falcons who has too much time on his hands. But we felt it was important for all to see what Joey has been up to.

Storm overpower Direct Elevator 19 - 6

One big inning by the Storm was the difference last night. In the top of the third the Storm scored 12 runs before Direct Elevator was able to record an out. There were a few well played defensive plays that helped keep Direct Elevator to only six runs.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Storm beat Greenthumb 14 to 6

With a few timely home runs the Storm powered past a depleted Greenthumb team. It was a fairly low scoring game in which Greenthumb just couldn't get the hits in succession. The Storm played a very consistent game with one less than steller inning. However it's another win and the runs against were kept to single digits, so all in all it was a good result.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Storm come up one run short against Falcons

It was a not so classic game against the Falcons last night for the Storm. But it was the seventh time in their last eight meetings that there was a one or two run difference. The Falcons came out hitting everything hard, they found themselves with a 16 to 4 lead after four innings. Que the comeback for the Storm 4 runs in the 5th, 3 in the 6th, and 5 more in the 7th but with time becoming a factor they just couldn't get one more run. Make the final Falcons 17 - Storm 16.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Storm out lasts Coulas 19 to 13

It was another typical game between Coulas and the Storm, get a few runs give up a few runs, get a few more, give back some more runs. This time the Storm came out on top. One thing for sure it's better to win this type game than lose it. Tomorrow it's the Falcon's, hopefully it will be a better defensive game.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Make up game added August 21st

Our June 17th rain-out game against Greenthumb has been rescheduled for Friday August 21st at 8pm. We already have a game at 9:30pm vs CN Express.

Storm beat League leaders 27 to 7

The stage was set for classic battle between the two division leaders, only it didn't turn out that way. With 7 home runs, 1 triple, 6 doubles and 25 singles the Storm hit there way to a convincing victory over division leading Hanet Plastics. The 39 hit assault elevated the Storm into 1st place in the league standings.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Storm hang on for a 10 - 8 victory over Mayhem

It took 4 innings but the Storm finally managed to get a hit off a very stingy St Louis Mayhem pitching staff. The Storm defense was also very good for the first 5 innings as Mayhem never got past 3rd base with only a few hits here and there. Al and Mike Tyl were pitching quite well. The Storm scored 4 in the 4th and 6 in the 5th thanks to a three run bomb by Al. So going into the top of the 6th it was 10 to nothing. All that changed with a few defensive gaff's and a couple of well placed hits. The 7th wasn't much better, thankfully the Storm held Mayhem to only 3 runs. The last couple of innings weren't pretty but in the end, it is a victory for the Storm, make the final 10 - 8.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Storm holds on, for one run Victory against the Devils

After the rain cleared and the field started to dry out both teams were ready to go, only problem was the Umpires decided not to show up. No problem though, it was decided that both teams would umpire the game. Which resulted in a close, low scoring game with a couple of close calls but no controversy. The Storm had a six nothing lead going into the bottom of the 7th when the Devils roared back with five runs thanks to a two and three run Homerun. Make the final 6 - 5.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Benny Hill Slam's the Storm to Victory

Dave (aka Benny Hill) had a great night both in the field and especially at the plate. In the first inning he came up to bat with the bases loaded, with one swing of the bat the bases were clear, and Dave had 4 RBI's. It was a solid double that he tried to turn into a triple because he's Benny Hill after all. This paid off as the ball got away from the third baseman so he kept running and beat the play at the plate. Since errors don't count against our batters Dave got himself Grand Slam HR. As if one wasn't enough in the bottom of the second inning Dave is up to bat with the bases loaded yet again, so Dave shows everyone that he can hit it out of the park as well with a nice shot over the right field fence. Those two grand slams along with some good defence allowed the Storm to defeat the Rebels by a score of 14 - 8.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Relief pitching comes up big in 16 to 9 Vicory over CN Express

It was a well played game with only one award being handed out. Ron was the starting pitcher who did well but decided to pull himself after one inning. That sets the stage for Danny who pitched 6 fantastic innings surrendering only 7 runs with 4 of those being unearned. Bat's did pretty well as the Storm had 2 Triples, 4 Doubles in a 26 hit attack.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

POS comes up with a championship on their first try

Considering that the team was put together in a week and the wet weather they dealt with on Saturday, POS had a great showing in the SPO Eastern Ontario Championships in Oshawa this weekend. With a perfect record of 6 and 0, POS represented the WMSPL extremely well. Round robin games against The Misfits, then the NY Generals, plus a default win on Saturday, put them in 1st place going into the playoff rounds. First up in the quarters were The Badgers who were disposed of by a 9 to 4 final. In the semis, POS faced the NY Generals again, this time around POS pulled out a 13 to 9 victory. That win sent POS to the finals, where they faced a local Oshawa team with a very familiar name: Sluggers N' Chuggers. It was a very close game until the 5th inning, when POS got their bats going and batted around scoring 6 runs in the process. Make the final 13 to 9 with the TSN turning point being Joey's double play in the 5th inning. Four teams from the WMSPL were represented on the POS team: Greenthumb/Woodland, Signage Source Storm, Attractions, and Bradley Motors Shifters. Of the 12 players on POS, most play or have played in the WMSPL. The roster consisted of coach Wayne Cosby, Manager Todd Boisvett, our pitcher Dave Hatt, and players Scott Chislett, Paul Power, Bob Barron, George Douma, Joey Pilkey, Lance Groskopf, Bob Peppler, Jeff Hutchinson, Jeremy Gardiner and Reg Eldridge.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mother Nature beats both Greenthumb and the Storm

Everyone was ready to go, but the rain would not let up, with rivers starting to form in both dugouts. It was decided that we would wait and play on a better night, rather than have someone get injured.

Monday, June 15, 2009

2009 Oshawa Kicks Fundraiser

As most of you know my Daughter Jordan is playing Rep soccer this year. As part of the fundraising, they are holding a raffle. I only bring this to your attention because the prizes available are pretty good. I will bring some tickets with me to the next couple of games if anyone is interested. Click for more information.

Storm slams their way to a 20 to 8 Victory

With the help of 2 grand slams and another great night at the plate for the Storm we managed to power our way past the Falcons. Al's third multi Home Run game and 6 Rbi's helped the Storm overcome our defensive shortcomings. Thankfully most of our errors didn't comeback and hurt us to much. It was also the 2009 pitching debut of our lefty Ron, who managed to get though his two innings of work with only two pitches I bet he would want back. With the light show in right field and a steady and sometimes hard rain we did well last night for our 6th victory of the year. Fred you should have been there, but since you chickened out. The team voted last night and yes, your punishment will be another tailgate BBQ.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

32 Hit Assault lifts Storm to a 24 - 7 Win over the Bradley Motors Shifters

The Storm was hitting at will last night and knocked out 32 hits two of them Home Runs by our juiced slugger Al. That makes 6 HR's in two games by Al. 3 guys hit 4 for 5 and Al went 5 for 5. All in all it was a great game both offensively and defensively. Matt now has his picture permently placed under the definition of the Buckner Award. The Can of Corn reared it's ugly head in the 7th inning, Thanks Mike, but he made a nice recovery and managed to get an out.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Al's Home Run's help Strom to a 24 - 19 Win over Direct Elevator

In what can only be described as a home run hitting demonstration, Al with his 4 HR's and 8 RBI's was the difference in the win over Direct Elevator. Like many of the past few games, it was a back and forth game that stayed close throughout. For the most part it was a well played game with quite a few well placed hits for both teams.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tied Greenthumb 14 - 14

It was a back and forth affair last night, but in the end it was a draw against Greenthumb. A few miscues and a few timely hits contributed greatly in the result. All in all we did well to not give up and get the lead back in the 7th inning.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Team Storm Award ( Wllie Mays Hayes)

After Sunday night's game we voted on creating a new award. It will be called the Willie Mays Hayes Award and it will go to Base running excellence. As we know from time to time there are a few players that really stand out running the base paths. And yes you know who they are, and if you don't you will now.

Bats weren't Crackin in a 13 - 8 loss to Coulas

In what can only be described as a disappointing day at the plate, The Storm just couldn't get anything going. Could be the 14 player lineup or the fact that it was a very cool evening, or the fact that we had a few adventures in the field and on the base path. In the end our biggest problem was hitting, we just didn't muster much offence.

Los Diablos Tormenta do well at WMSPL Tournament

Los Diablos Tormenta played well and were very close to be playing for the championship. With a 3 and 1 record they came up just a little short in there quest to avenge last years embarrassment at the WMSPL classic. The only loss came at the hands of CN Express on Friday night during a very wet and very long game. In the end Los Diablos Tormenta had to settle with with 3 pitchers of beer and 6 pounds of wings, which in the end sounds pretty good. Los Diablos Tormenta (The Devil's Storm) roster consisted of Storm Players (Joey, Bob, Dave, Mike T, Brad, Lance and Kevin) and St Louis Devils players( Duncan, Rich, Robin, Jay, Tom, and Scott)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Joey hits for the cycle

Just wanted to let everyone know that Joey hit for the cycle in the big win over Hanet on Tuesday. He was the 4th player in team history to achieve this feat.

Storm wins big, 28 - 4 over Hanet

The Storm were sure hitting last night. 40 hits including 7 Homeruns.
Great game guy's sorry I had to miss it.

Storm lose a tough one 17 - 15 to St. Louis Devils

Damn rules. Too bad there are time limits on our games.
We gave it a good try on Sunday but next time we can't leave our comeback until the seventh inning.

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