Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mother Nature 4, Storm 3

The Sky's opened up again for a few hours prior to our game and flooded the fields once again. Better luck on Friday night hopefully.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Important Schedule Update !!!

Game one of our scheduled season opening doubleheader games has now been rescheduled to: 

Friday May 31st @ 9:30pm on K2 vs. Hanet

The Storm above 500 again

Coming off the WMSPL Tournament many of the Storm players were sore or in pain. Just ask Joey's boys how they are. But it appears that the tournament was a good wake-up call for the Storms bats to come alive, and thanks to a 10 run 6th inning the Storm powered past the Devils to take this one 13 to 4.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Storm / Direct Elevator win Consolation Final in WMSPL Tournament

On a cool and most of the time cold windy weekend in May, The Storm / Direct Elevator paired up to win the consolation Final of the 2013 WMSPL Tournament. With cold wind gusts of up to 50km/hr blowing in all weekend from left center it took most of our bats out of play. But thanks to a lot of opposite field hitting, The Storm/Direct team were able to win 2 of four games and the second victory propelled them into the consolation final against the Devils/Rebel team. Who were too depleted after losing a few players to a wedding and other obligations to field a team for the final, therefore the Storm / Direct Elevator took the game in forfeit. Tournament Batting Statistics are up on

Game Scores

Game 1: Storm / Direct Elevator 13 vs. Devils/Rebel 7
Game 2: Xtreme Contracting 19 vs. Storm / Direct Elevator 12
Game 3: Storm / Direct Elevator 17 vs. Falcons 21
Game 4 (Semi final): Storm / Direct Elevator 16 vs. Bradley Motors 4
Game 5 (Consolation Final) Storm / Direct Elevator 7 vs. Devils/Rebel 0

Thursday, May 23, 2013


 The Skies opened up just prior to game time, and as a result, the game was washed away.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WMSPL Tournament Details

The Tournament details are out:

The Storm team has been paired with Direct Elevator

Our Game schedule is:
Friday     May 24th @ 9:30pm vs Devils/Rebels on K1
Friday Night Roster: 12 Players 
(Storm players: Al, Bob, Brad, Joey, Kenny, Lance, Duran, Jeff)
(Direct players: Joe, Eman, Mike W., Gord)

Saturday May 25th @ 10:30am vs. Extreme Contracting on K1
Saturday Morning Roster: 14 Players
(Storm players: Al, Bob, Brad, Joey, Kenny, Lance, Duran, Jeff, Aaron, Mike T.)
(Direct players: Joe, Eman, Mike W., Jason)

Saturday May 25th @ 1:30pm vs Falcons on K1
Saturday Afternoon Roster: 12 Players
(Storm players: Al, Bob, Brad, Joey, Kenny, Lance, Aaron, Mike T.)
(Direct players: Joe, Eman, Mike W., Jason)

Depending on how we make out in the round robin there are Semi Final games at 3pm and 4:30pm on both diamonds.

If we win one of the Semi final games then we will either play in the Championship Final on K1 or the Consolation Final on K2 - Both games are at 6pm

Tournament Rules

Regular League Rules Apply - except as noted:

Home team for Round Robin will be decided by a coin toss prior to the first pitch.  Home team for Semi Final games will be awarded to the team with the higher seed.  Home team for the Final games will be awarded to the team with the higher seed; if teams are seeded equally a coin toss will be used to determine home team.

Tournament Rules :

Here is the schedule for this coming weeks tournament. 

Round Robin Games may end in a tie - curfew 1:25 (or 7 innings)

Round Robin Standings will be determined on a point basis with a team
awarded 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. In
the event that teams are tied in points at the end of the Round Robin, the
following order shall be used to determine final individual Pool Group

a)   Team with the most wins shall be placed higher.
b)   Team with the best record during games between the teams concerned.
c)   Team with the fewest runs allowed
d)   Team with the best run differential (maximum 7 run differential per game)

**NOTE** Bottom of last inning MUST be played if home team is NOT ahead by
at least 7 runs – if curfew reached home team will receive better of:  end
of previous full inning, or run differential at time of curfew.

e)   Flip Coin

Final Game will be played until there is a winner (7 innings)

Last out from previous inning will start extra inning as a runner on second base.

All Tournament Committee Rulings are final.

May 5th Game Rescheduled to May 31st

Game one of our scheduled season opening doubleheader has now been rescheduled to: 

Friday May 31st @ 9:30pm on K2 vs. Hanet

Friday, May 17, 2013

Storm back on track

The Storm had an up and down game, but thanks to an 8 run 6th, the Storm was able to power past the Coulas Bone crushers.

Final Score: Storm 13   Coulas 6

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Not the best start

Well let's just chalk this game up to..... well spring training. Bradley Motors spanked the Storm 18 to 4 last night in an ugly one sided affair.