Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A very tight win makes it twenty in a row

Storm came quickly out of the gate scoring 4 in the bottom of the first with some great hitting.

The second inning Storm went 3 up 3 down after Bradley scored 1.

In the third inning Storm played some small ball to score 5 runs with Brian getting a 2 RBI base hit.

Storm would score only 3 more runs the rest of the way, while Bradley shifted in gear in the top of the 7th.  Making it interesting they scored 6 runs in the inning coming to within one of the lead but ultimately falling short.

It was a very quick, well played game by both teams.  Defensively Bradley shined and despite having only 3 outfielders made it one of the tightest games Storm has played all year.

Final score 12-11

Notable boxscores:
Kevin 3/3 3 runs
Joey: 2/2, 2 runs, 2 RBI
Bob: 3/3, 2 RBI
Kenny 2/3, 2 rbi, 1 run
Brian 2/3, 2 RBI

Monday, July 27, 2015

Storm wins in a squeaker

After holding the A's to only one run in the top of the first, Storm answered back with two run shot off the bat of Joey.

The top of the second inning saw an offensive outpouring by the A's as they scored 7 runs on 3 long balls.

Storm answered back with Greg this time hitting a deep 3 run shot to left field making it 8-5 for the A's after two innings.

Both teams were held scoreless in the third, and A's added 4 more in the top of the fourth to make it 12-5.

Storm would answer back with a 3 run HR to deep left center by James.  Dave would start things off with a double and Jeff and Kevin would add hits of their own.  The A's elected to walk Joey to loaded the bases for Bob who made them pay in a big way by smacking a no doubter grand slam to right center making it 14-12 Storm after four.

Storm held the A's scoreless in the top of the fifth while adding one of their own in the bottom half.

In the 6th the A's mustered up 1 run and Joey answered back in the bottom with a 3 run shot.

The A's made things interesting with 3 runs in the top of the 7th but Al was able to lock it down for the win.

Final score 18-16

Notable boxscores:
Jeff: 3/4, 2 runs
Kevin: 3/4, 2 runs
Joey: 2/3, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 3 Runs
Bob: 2/4, 1 HR, 4 RBI, 1 Run
Al: 3/4, 1 run
Greg: 2/4, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 2 Runs
Lance: 3/3, 2 runs, 1 RBI
James: 3/3, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 1 Run
Dave: 3/3, 1 run, 1 RBI

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Storm keeps cruising

Kevin started a two out rally in the first inning which led to 7 straight hits and 5 runs.

In the second inning another two out rally started with Jeff.  Joey topped it off with a 3 run bomb and Bob hit back to back with a solo shot.

In the third Storm put up 4 more runs as they started to take the foot off the gas and would cruise the rest of the way to a relatively easy win.

Storm had sound defense and solid pitching once again in this one.

Final score 26-6

Notable box scores:
Jeff: 4/5, 2 runs, 1 RBI
Kevin: 3/5, 3 runs, 1 RBI
Joey: 5/5, 4 runs, 5 RBI, HR
Bob: 3/5, 2 runs, 2 RBI, HR
Al: 4/5, 3 runs, 2 RBI
Lance 4/4, 2 runs, 1 RBI
James 2/3, 2 runs, 3 RBI
Kenny: 3/4, 2 runs, 1 RBI
Dave 2/4, 2 RBI
Mike 2/4, 2 RBI

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another slugfest

Once again Storm came out flat putting up a goose egg in the first inning.

After Coulas put up a 5 spot in the 2nd inning Storm answered back with 2 runs of their own with RBI singles by Kenny and Al.

Coulas would put up 3 more runs making it 9-3 going into the bottom half of the inning.

Storm answered back with a 7 run frame, capped off by a Bob Grand Slam.

Storm continued the offense in the 4th inning with 11 runs, led by a bases clearing double by Brian.

After shutting the Coulas bats down Storm got back on the sticks for 5 more runs and then 6 more the next inning.

Once more top to bottom the entire team hit well.  The defence was solid and the best catch of the night was made by neither team, but by a fan in center field who snagged a line drive home run.

Final score 29-12

Box Scores:
Jeff: 4/6, 1 run, 1 RBI
Duran: 4/5, 3 runs, 4 RBI
Kevin: 4/6, 3 RBI, 3 Runs
Joey: 5/6, 5 runs, 2 RBI
Bob: 5/6, 4 runs, 5 RBI, 1 HR
Brad: 5/6, 3 runs, 2 RBI
Brian: 4/6, 2 runs, 5 RBI
Al: 5/6, 2 runs, 4 RBI
Kenny: 4/6, 3 runs, 3 RBI
Dave: 3/5, 3 runs

Monday, July 13, 2015

Storm stays hot as they take both games of the doubleheader

Storm once again started the game with a Jeff single and Duran triple and scored 2 runs in the first.  Xtreme came out quickly with a 5 run bottom half. 

The second inning saw the first two batters get out.  Greg started a two out rally with Lance and Brad following him getting on and then James crushing a 2 run shot.

Xtreme quickly answered with 4 of their own in what looked like the makings of a slugfest. 

Duran led the 3rd inning off with a triple and Kevin cashed him in followed by Joey with a 2 run HR.   They would score 4 total in the frame and hold Xtreme scoreless in the bottom half making it 11-9 after 3.

In the 4th inning Storm hit singles down the line until Bob hit a 3 run HR giving Storm 7 runs in the inning and taking an 18-9 lead.  

In the 5th the highlight of the inning was a Lance 2 run triple scoring Brian and Greg. 

Storm would hold Xtreme to 2 more runs over the next 3 innings while adding 2 more runs of their own.

Final score: 25-11

Duran 3/4, 2 3B, 3 Runs, 2 RBI
Kevin 2/3 4 RBI, 2 runs
Joey 2/3, 3 runs, 2 RBI, HR
Bob: 3/4, 3 runs, 3 RBI, HR
Brian 3/4, 2 RBI, 1 Run
Lance 3/4, 2 runs, 1 RBI, 1 3B
James 3/3, 3 runs, 2 RBI, 1 HR
Kenny 3/3, 3 runs
Dave 3/3, 1 run, 2 RBI

Keeping it going

It seems to be a trend this year as Direct jumped out early in this one scoring four in the first inning.

Storm answered back with two in the first and two more in the second thanks to a James two run shot tying it up.  

In the third inning Storm would break it open with 8 runs, highlighted by a Lance 3 run bomb to left center.  

Bob added a mammoth solo shot in the 5th for good measure. 

Pitching and D were key in this one as Mike and Al held Direct scoreless for five straight innings.  

Final score 14-5

Notable boxscores:
Jeff: 1/2, 2 runs
Duran 2/3, 2 runs, 1 RBI
Joey 2/3, 1 run, 3 RBI
Bob 2/3, 2 runs, 2 RBI, 1 HR
Greg 1/2, 2 runs, 1 RBI
Lance 1/3, HR, 3 RBI
Brad 2/3
James 3/3, 1 HR, 2 RBI, 1 Run

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Some late game heroics...

With only 9 players and a rookie pitcher Storm knew they'd have their work cut out for them against one of the best teams in the league.

The A's came out strong scoring 6 runs over the first two innings, hitting two homeruns early on to go up +2.  After 6 innings the A's had the lead 15-13.

The top of the 7th saw Lance lead off the frame with a double and James followed that up with a game tying homerun to deep left field.  Kenny and Duran would follow up getting on base for Bob who crushed one to deep center to take a three run lead.  Joey then hit a solo shot to center field to go up by four.

Jeff who pitched well the whole game managed to shut the A's out in the bottom of the seventh to secure the win.

Final score: 19-15

Notable boxscores:
Jeff: 3/5, 4R, 1RBI
Duran: 4/6 3R, 2RBI
Bob: 6/6, 3R, 8RBI, 1HR
Joey: 4/4, 2R, 1RBI, 1HR
James: 4/5, 3R, 2RBI, 1HR

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

An even dozen in a row

The Rebels started off quickly in this one, putting up 4 runs on 2 jacks in the first frame.  Storm had a a whimper of a response in the bottom of the frame only mustering one run to lose the inning.

The next inning Storm tightened up and managed to hold the Rebels scoreless.

In the bottom of the second Storm started to heat up scoring 7 runs in the frame as top to bottom the team managed to find the holes in the defence.

Storm held the Rebels to zero runs once more.  Storm was set on playing tight defence and cruising to a win.

Except Joey.  Joey had other plans.

Wielding his bat like the hammer of Thor, Joey mashed two homers for 7 combined RBI's in the third inning.

Bob remembering his IBB from the previous AB, launched the longest HR seen all year by the Storm.

Storm once again managed to hold the Rebels scoreless in the 4th inning.

Storm in the bottom of the 4th managed 8 more runs as the team kept hitting solid singles across the field.

The fifth saw a solo shot by the Rebels but nothing else.

At this point Joey felt it prudent to hit two more homeruns in the 5th inning as Storm added on 12 more runs.

Bob came on in the 6th to showcase why he's not a regular pitcher giving up 6 runs .

final score 44-11

Box scores:
Jeff: 7/7, 6 runs scored, New single game record for hits in a game
Duran: 7/7, 6 runs scored, Tied single game hit record
Kevin: 5/7, 6 runs scored
Joey: 6/6, 4 HR's, 16 RBI, 1 bat flip.  New single game records for total bases, RBI's,
Bob: 4/6
Brian: 6/7
Kenny: 4/7
Greg: 5/6, 4 runs scored
Lance: 5/6, 4 runs scored
Mike: 5/6, 4 runs scored

Doubleheader has been rescheduled

Our Rained out doubleheader from June 28th, has been re-scheduled.

We will be playing a doubleheader on Friday August 7th at 8pm vs Falcon's on K1 then at 9:30pm on K2 vs Delvils.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The win streak continues with 11 straight!

It was a low scoring affair as the many fans that gathered on the hill got to see more of a pitchers duel rather than a slugfest.

Storm took an early lead going up 3-0 after the first 2 innings thanks in part to a Brian mammoth solo shot.

The A's came right back scoring 2 on a massive home run, their first of 3 they would hit on the day.

Storm came back in the bottom of the frame to score 5 more to pull ahead 8-2.

It was all Mike and the defence behind him in this game.  Jeff had some great picks at third and Kevin/Bob had some nice tv worthy diving catches.

The bottom half of the order really came through with timely hits giving Mike all he needed to cruise to an easy win.

Final score 11-4

Notable offensive players:
Kevin 2/3, 2 runs, 1 RBI
Brian 2/3, HR, 2 runs, 2 RBI
Brad 2/3, 1 run 1 RBI
Kenny 3/3, 2 runs, 1 RBI
Lance 2/3, 1 RBI