Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Storm Demolished by A's

A very shorthanded Storm team was beat soundly by the A's. The 20 - 10 loss was a misleading final due to the excellent sportsmanship shown by the A's. We played with 8 guys as it turned out, 6 people had signed out and one didn't make it. A speacial thanks goes out to Mike Tyl who came back from the cottage to play the game. Gary played 2nd for most of the game and was sure tested each inning, we gave him a break in the 6th and 7th by moving him to third. Joey rescued me in the outfield to start the 4th inning as I couldn't make many plays last night, as there seemed to be to much real estate for three guys to cover.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Storm blow lead, to Devils

It started out well with the Storm playing well and holding the Devils to no runs for 5 innings, but it"s slopitich and to keep that up is next to impossible. So in the the 6th the Devils scored 3 which cut the Storms lead in half. In the 7th the Devils need 3 to tie and 4 to win, and that"s exactly what they went out and did. 4 runs scored without the Storm able to get an out. Net result a 7 to 6 victory for the devils.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Storm keeps rolling along.....

The Storm posted their 6th win in a row last night and are now undefeated in 7 games. This was a balanced offense with the entire lineup contributing to the victory. The Rebels played hard, and their comeback in the 7th came up a few runs short, thanks to some stellar defense. In the end it was a 10 to 7 victory.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Storm undefeated in 6 games

It was a hot sticky night last night, but the Storm didn't let that slow them down. They started out with 7 runs by the end of second inning and as it turned out that was all that was needed. The Storm easily held on to a 12 - 6 win.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Storm keeps on rolling....

The Storm scored all their runs in the first 3 innings, but held the Devils to a few scattered runs in the remaining 4 innings. Thanks in large part to two solid pitching performances, a HR and solid work on the base paths (See re-enactment photo below for what I think my Patrick looked like), The Storm held on to defeat the dreaded Devils 9 to 7.

Minus the base, the helmet and add about 150 Lbs. This is me running to 3rd base last night.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Storm Shut -Out Greenthumb

With all the winning seasons that the Storm have enjoyed over the last few years, this is the first shut-out that the Storm has posted. Both AL and Mike T. put on pitching clinics, and the defense was the best it's been all year. The only challenge we encountered was the brain farts on the base paths. All in all it was a good victory over our arch nemesis and Joey's next team. Final was 12 - 0.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Impressive 15 - 9 win by the Storm

The game started off quickly as both teams had played 4 innings in about 15minutes. Then the hits started coming the Storm took the lead then Direct came back and took the lead. However an 8 run 6th inning put away Direct Elevator for good. After the game while we were LEGALLY having a few beverages and reminiscing a good night with only few BLONDE moments, news came to light that makes Brad THE first Storm player to win all 5 awards in one MUSICAL. (Oh I mean Game)

Scroll Down

Really !! Really???? ............................ you missed a game for this?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Storm victorious over the Falcons

With the Falcons jumping to a 7 - o lead in the second this game didn't look to promising for the Storm, but a few timely hits and a Joey grand slam later, The Storm battle back and win this one 13 to 8. The after party back at Dave's place was fantastic, good food and good fun was had by all that were able to attend. Brad you were awarded a willie for running out on your team and staying at the cottage. Colin you were awarded a Can of Corn for dropping the ball and missing the BBQ, after you said you were coming.