Friday, May 30, 2014

All good things must come to and end.

The Storm's winning streak ends at four games.  Joey went deep and James went yard twice but it wasn't enough.  Jeff hit one over the fence but because of James hogging the long-balls it was just a strike.

Storm had a sizable lead going into the bottom of the 7th.  The moon must have been out in full force because the defense wasn't sharp at times leading to a loss for the Storm.

They'll look to start another streak Friday vs Hanet.

Final Score: Devils 18 - Storm 17

Monday, May 26, 2014

Still undefeated!

The storm had a great tournament on Saturday finishing 2nd place overall after losing to Xtreme. Seeking some redemption the Storm showed up to the park looking a lot sharper and focused this time around.  It must have been the Voss™. With home runs by Al, Bob and James the Storm took the lead and held onto it. We'll look to keep it going Wednesday.

Final Score: Storm 14 - Xtreme 9

Storm earn $100 for the kitty

The Storm make it to the championship final only to be destroyed by Xtreme 24-12 mainly due to one really bad 11 run inning.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Another solid win for the Storm!

Storm is firing on all cylinders early this season as they put up 27 runs for the second game in a row.

Duran hit his third homer in a row, and Joey and Mike added long balls of their own.  Lance tried to get into the action by having the longest hit of the night but it ended up being a ringing, 350 foot strikeout due to the new rules.

Jeff stole the show on the defensive side of the ball with several highlight reel plays at the hot corner.  

Storm looks to take their momentum into the mid season tournament this weekend and hopefully keep it going.

Final Score: Storm 27 - Greenthumb 5

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bombs Away!!!

Thunder wasn't the only thing booming last night. An offensive explosion last night for both teams as over 10 long-balls were hit. Bradley showed up with a lot of talented new faces and matched power for power with the storm in a fantastic game. Al led the way with two bombs, followed by Joey, Bob and Duran with dingers of their own. Brad had the finest defensive play of the night with a fantastic catch to put out Dave. Up and down the lineup Storm hit well and it kept them out front to pull out the victory.

Final Score: Storm 27 - Bradley 22

Monday, May 12, 2014

POS goes 6-0 to capture title in Oshawa

POS started the 2014 season by playing the first of two SPN qualifiers in Oshawa over the weekend in the Fall Daze 3 (May 10-11) Tourney.  Playing in the Men’s E/35E+ Division POS started the weekend with a Saturday morning game at 9:45am on diamond #7 against the Oshawa Vikings.  The weather was sunny but breezy with a stiff wind coming off the lake all day.  POS scored early and solid defense helped lead the way to a 13-5 win.  Game 2 had POS taking on the Bombers at 12:15pm on #8 and with the wind blowing into the infield the scoring was lower with POS coming out on top 10-8.  Game 3 was a battle for first place in the B division against the Cardinals on #6 at 4:00pm.  POS scored runs early to take the lead and then with the Cardinals pitcher not being able to find the mat for strikes the chirping started as POS started taking the walks.  POS confirmed with the umpire that there wasn’t a new rule which stated players must swings at balls and after warnings to both teams from the umpire, cooler heads prevailed and POS cruised to a 10-6 victory. 

Sunday’s quarter-final game had POS who finished 1st in the B division taking on the Warhawks who finished 4th in the A division.  The weather was still sunny and less breezy at the start of the game on #8 at 9:00am.  The defense once again was solid and POS ended up mercying the Warhawks 11-1 in 5 innings to advance onto the semi-final.  The semis were also on #8 at 11:30am against Beer Drum who had defeated the Cardinals in their quarter-final game.  POS started off slow stranding runners in scoring position in the first couple innings and trailing 5-0 after 3 until the bats came alive and tied the score up at 5’s in the 4th.  Teams traded a couple more runs in the next few innings which led to a 7-7 tie heading into POS’ bottom of the 7th and after getting the bases loaded with no one out Andrew singled to left centre to give POS their first lead of the game and the 8-7 win advancing them to the finals at 2:00pm on diamond #5.  The final was a re-match against the Bombers which was again a solid defensive effort for POS taking a 6-1 lead into the 6th and holding on for a 10-7 win and the championship!  It was a great weekend for POS going a perfect 6-0 and a great way to start off the 2014 season.  A summary of the games:

Saturday, 9:45am, Oshawa#7, POS-13 vs Oshawa Vikings-5
Saturday, 12:15pm, Oshawa#8, POS-10 vs Bombers-8
Saturday, 4:00pm, Oshawa#6, POS-10, vs Cardinals-6
Sunday, 9:00am, Oshawa#8, POS-11 vs Warhawks-1
Sunday, 11:30am, Oshawa#8, POS-8 vs Beer Drum-7
Sunday, 2:00pm, Oshawa#5, POS-10 vs Bombers-7

POS Roster for the Tournament:
Todd Boisvert (Greenthumb)
Paul Power (Greenthumb)
Andrew Carlton (Greenthumb)
Bob Peppler (Storm)
Joey Pilkey (Storm)
Ashley Teeter (Falcons)
Jeff Hutchinson (Bradley Motors Shifters)
Derek Ackford (Xtreme Contracting)
Mike Anderson (Xtreme Contracting)
Chris Mace (Xtreme Contracting)
Jamie Allan (Xtreme Contracting)
Adam Clay (Hanet Plastics)

Game one was a great Start

Although I wasn't there for the game it sounded like the Storm picked right up where we left off at the end of last season.

Final Score: Storm 16 - Rebels 1