Thursday, August 29, 2013

Storm two games away from division champs!

It's not often the Storm wins with only hitting one homerun, but they did it tonight.  Joey hit a monster opposite bomb that went off the upper part of the light pole.  Lance had two clutch doubles and the team as a whole hit very well. Bradley made it interesting, hitting the ball very hard with 3 home runs and two base hits off the black top of the fence.  More excellent storm defense stranded base runners often and helped hold down the lead.  The storm now is in control of their own dynasty and just have to win the next two games to take the presidents trophy.

Final Score: Storm 15 - Bradley 10

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another Stormy Xtreme Slugfest!

As the teams took the fields the skies opened up and the rain came down.  It was another exciting game as it was probably the most important game of the regular season for these two teams.  The winner would have a leg up on winning the division.
It was a back and forth slugging affair.  Joey hit two clutch homeuns, Al knocked one out, Lance hit a line drive out to left, and the most clutch homerun of the day was a three run no doubter by leadoff man Jeff.
Xtreme was down 3 in the bottom of the 7th and after a leadoff walk it looked like deja vu.  The defense held on thanks to a great catch by Lance and the Storm held on for the important victory. 

Final Score: Storm 14 - Xtreme 11

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Make it another Storm Win !

Greenthumb came our scoring early making it a tight game from the get go.  The storm tightened up their D though and managed to hold Greenthumb to 9 runs.  Two big homers by Lance as well as a an absolute Bomb by Joey helped the Storm pull ahead with their scoring.  The Storm hit well top to bottom with everyone notching at least two hits.  A great team win for the Storm as they look to get into playoff shape.

Final Score: Storm 19 - Greenthumb 8

Monday, August 19, 2013

Exciting game as always

The Falcons started off in the first inning scoring five big runs and it looked like it was going to be one of those slug-fests.   The storm slowed down the scoring and added some of their own.  The  Storm were down in the top of the 7th and ended up scoring 5 runs to pull ahead by 1.  The falcons walked Joey to face Lance, who cracked a clutch 3 run home-run which put the Storm ahead of the Falcons by one. But the falcons walked it off in the bottom of the 7th by Sean. 

Final Score: Falcons 10 - Storm 9

Doubleheader starts with a W!

The game started with a lead off home-run by the Devils but they were quickly stifled by fantastic storm defense for the first five innings.  The storm slowly piled on some runs, headed by a nice home-run by Al.  In the bottom of the fifth the Devils rallied back and scored five of their own followed by 3 in the 6th inning making the game a close one.  The Storm held though and won the game 13-9.

Final Score: Storm 13 - Devils 9

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Case of the Monday's

The storm lose their second in a three game span. The usual tight defense fell apart as the bone crushers had a big inning breaking the game open. The lone  bright spot was bob with two home runs and hitting for the cycle. This puts him in a tie for the league lead in home-runs at 20.

Final Score: Coulas 17 - Storm 12 

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Game and a pool party!

The defense came out to play today and were their usual miserly selves holding the Rebels to one run.  Bob and Joey went back to back in the first inning and set the pace for the Storm to score 11 runs.  It was a quick game as the storm we're hungry not only for the win to get back on track but for the BBQ at Dave's.  Great cooking James!

Final Score: Storm 11 - Rebels 1

Slopitch Softball game...or home-run derby?

This was one of the wildest games of the year.  In a complete 180 from the first game of the doubleheader this one was a slug-fest.  Xtreme had their hitting shoes on and were up to the task matching the Storm homer for homer.  Joey slugged three homers and had 8 rbi's but it still wasn't enough.   In the end the Storm couldn't hold on to the lead and lost via a walk-off home run.

Actual Final Score: Xtreme 27 - Storm 26

Tight defence by both teams!

It was a well played, well pitched game from the get go by both teams.  The scoring was kept down in what seemed more like a baseball game than a softball game.  In the end the storm managed to drive in 5 runs which proved to be enough to hold on.

Final Score: Storm 5 - Mayhem 3

Friday, August 9, 2013

The streak starts again!

 Okay it's only one game but the Storm is back to their winning ways.  The team shook off some rust in the first inning giving up four runs but slowly climbed their way back.  Bob and Joey hit homeruns, including an absolutely bomb by the latter and Lance hit a bases clearing double to put the Storm on top.  The defense tightened back up and it was smooth sailing after that.

Final Score: Storm 14 - Direct Elevator 8