Wednesday, September 15, 2021

A Covid-19 shortened Year in Review

 Season Writeup

The league had a different format this year which led to less variety and more consistently challenging competition. The rust was apparent early in the season, and Storm definitely had trouble with the doubleheader format as they rarely won game 2 of the doubleheader. We’ll see how that plays out in the playoffs when it will take three consecutive wins to win the tournament on a day with four games. 

Storm had its lowest winning percentage since 2011 when, gasp, Storm had a losing percentage. But most players were just glad to be out at the park playing ball and drinking beer with other people again. 

It was still a good year for Storm, finishing second in the division and leading the league in runs scored. The major difference is that Storm was third last in runs against, which is strange for the team, and will have to be fixed if they expect to go on an extended playoff run.

Team Leaders

AVG. : Duran - .824, Rene - .775, Lance - .694

HR: Duran - 19, Craig - 18, Joey - 11

RBI: Duran - 65, Craig - 58, Joey - 53

Runs: Duran - 62, Joey - 59, Craig - 57

2B: Rene - 20, Bob and Joey - 16

3B: Duran - 6; Bob, Joey, and Jeff - 2

Hits: Duran - 70, Craig - 68, Joey - 62

SLG: Duran - 1.812, Craig - 1.366, Rene - 1.254

OPS: Duran - 2.643, Rene - 2.051, Craig - 2.045

Single Season Records

Percentage based records are easier to maintain in a shortened season, so these records come with an asterisk. But Duran had an incredible season smacking extra base hits almost every time he came up, and broke the single season records for OPS (2.643) and SLG (1.812).

MVP Race

The same player won the Storm team MVP all but three years from 2006-2019. And usually it was pretty much default. But this year there is not a clear winner. Storm MVP candidates will be listed below in alphabetical order to avoid perception of bias.

Craig - Criag had a dominant offensive start to the season. Then someone told him we keep track of statistics, after which he struggled a little. But he still had an excellent offensive season finishing third in the league in home runs and in the top three on Storm in home runs, RBI, runs, hits, slugging percentage, and on base plus slugging. In addition to his excellent offensive season, Craig was arguably Storm’s best defensive player. Not only did he catch nearly anything in the air in his direction, he also made some excellent throws from the outfield, hitting his cutoff throws with precision. If you’re taking both sides of the ball into consideration, Craig has a very strong case for MVP.

Duran - Slo-pitch is primarily an offensive game, so if it’s offense you’re looking for, Duran led the team in eight different categories including every percentage based category and every power based category except doubles. And Duran also has the sentimental  vote going for him. He started the year on the IL after suffering from a heart attack. Disappointed with how the team was playing without him, he started by playing the minimum innings and worked his way up to full games. And he got married this year.

Joey - The team’s perennial MVP had a down year for him, but still had a year that most players would dream about. While he had a rough start and didn’t finish at the top of any percentage based statistic, he finished in the top 3 on the team in home runs, RBI, runs, hits, doubles, and triples. He also plays shortstop, a very demanding position. In his one game in the outfield he demonstrated just how strong his arm is with hard and accurate throws from the outfield to home plate. 

Rene - Rene hit 20 doubles in 19 games, and finished in the top 3 in every percentage based statistic. He led the team in walks. He also played solid defense after sustaining an injury on his first play of the season. 

Most Sportsmanlike Race

Unlike the MVP, Storm has had a different MSP almost every year. And every year the vote is so spread out, that occasionally two votes can get you the trophy. And again, this year there are many players who deserve the award. But is the award limited to players? Or could Scoops Jockovitch, supply sports reporter be eligible? And if he is eligible, is he deserving of votes? Always good for a laugh, even if you might have no idea what happened in the game (or even if a game was played) after reading his writeups. But he’s a good guy. Wears a fedora like nobody’s business and is never short on Cubans (either the cigars or the sandwiches). We have learned far too much about his wedding night, his interest in dominatrixes, and his fetish for monkeys with cymbals. But he’s certainly good for a laugh. Vote Scoops Jockovitch.*

*This message was paid for by Scoops Jockovitch. 

I’m  still waiting for my paycheque Bra… I mean, Scoops. 

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