Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Ferris takes another night off!!!

 Thanks to Ferris taking another night off, the A's are gifted the league championship on Monday night and the $300 that goes with it. Oh what could have been if the A's actually had to play all 32 games and not handed 5 victories due to forfeits. But it is, what it is and we'll take second place and move on to the playoff's which start on Friday, but for Storm they start on Saturday Sept 17th at 10:30am vs the Expos followed by a 1:30pm game against Coulas. After those games the elimination games start and depending on the outcomes we could play at 3pm or 4:30pm if we lose one or both games. But hopefully our next game will be Sunday Sept 18th at 10am. and if we win then 1pm and finally if we win that the championship game will be at 2:30pm.

We do have a few sign-outs for Saturday's games and Ken will most likely miss all the playoff's as he has commitments with his kids teams. Surprisingly Adam says that he can make the Saturday morning game and all of Sunday's games, I wonder if he remembers how to play... I guess we'll find out. lol!

Playoff Schedule

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